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Autumn Luxury | Accent Magazine

October 24, 2014

Check your mailboxes - Accent Magazine is dropping this week! and we know you'll be falling head-over-heels for the fabulous looks in our fashion section...


This autumn, it's all about looking luxurious. Designers have cozied-up to furs and heavier textiles that go perfectly with pops of color, diamond accents, and bold gold pieces.

For those of you who haven't received your copy of Accent yet, here's the digital version of our Fall/Winter 2014 issue. Enjoy!



  • Diamond Cellar at
    Dublin/Sawmill Store 614.336.4545
  • Diamond Cellar at
    Easton Town Center Store 614.923.6633
  • Store 5a
  • Donoho’s Jewellers 281.367.9050
  • Bruce. G Weber Precious Jewels 918.749.1700