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When it’s time to sell your jewelry or diamonds, work with someone you can trust.


Why should I sell my old jewelry to Donoho's?

TRUST. Every person you will deal with at Donoho's is a true jewelry professional who has made it a life-long career. Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience. You’ll get accurate information regarding your jewelry and watches, so you can make an educated decision whether to sell or redesign it.

What kinds of things do you buy?

We buy diamonds, gemstones, estate jewelry and watches and gold. We pay cash, or give you even more if you opt for store credit.

What else can I do with the jewelry I don’t wear anymore?

REDESIGN IT. Because we design and manufacture jewelry, our goldsmith designers can show you ways to redesign your pieces, or use the gemstones in an entirely new piece. An earring can become a pendant; a pendant can become a brooch. There are many possibilities and the process is easy, fun and more affordable than you might imagine.


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