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Why Donoho's

We Are A Local Business.
With A Global Reach.

Our buyers travel the world—from New York to Switzerland and Las Vegas to Asia—to sort through hundreds of thousands of pieces of jewelry, loose diamonds and watches each year. Only those that offer the perfect combination of design, craftsmanship, and value make it into our carefully edited collection. So when you shop at Donoho's, you get the best of both worlds: personalized service from professionals within your community, and a collection of world-renowned brands encompassing the finest jewelry and watches available anywhere.

We Want To Become Your Jeweler By Earning Your Trust.

Our goal is not to make a sale, it’s to develop a lifelong relationship with you, the customer. We do that by guaranteeing the best price every day, treating you with respect and providing accurate information so you can make an informed buying decision. We stand behind the quality of our jewelry and watches and the workmanship of our manufacturing and design. Our goal is to make your moment perfect, whether you’re giving a gift, rewarding yourself or asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you.

We Are True Jewelers And Jewelry Professionals

Each member of our staff is a true jewelry professional who has made this a career, rather than just a job. Our sales associates, for instance, are some of the most highly trained in the industry. All our associates are required to earn certificates from the Gemological Institute of America, and many of them are Graduate Gemologists - a rarity in a jewelry store. Our continuing education and mentoring programs encourage our goldsmiths, watchmakers, and sales associates stay up-to-date on the industry’s latest techniques and trends. We believe the more we know, the better we can serve

We Commit To Quality.

Because our roots are in jewelry manufacturing and design, we are uniquely qualified to judge the quality of the jewelry we represent. Our buyers study each piece with a craftsman’s eye and have very tight tolerances for manufacturing, assuring a durable and lasting piece of jewelry. Only the finest jewelry collections meet our educated staff’s discerning eye. If they’re not confident it’s the highest quality, we won’t carry it in our store. We also partner with designers who are both industry trendsetters and curators of tradition, so we can offer collections that strike a balance of timeless, durable design and impeccable quality.


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